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 This Million Dollar House for Sale Has an Extremely Dark

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MessageSujet: This Million Dollar House for Sale Has an Extremely Dark    Mer 8 Fév - 16:06

This Million Dollar House for Sale Has an Extremely Dark Past

Nestled in a cozy town about 45 minutes north of New York City, a beautiful home selling for $1 million has a dark and sinister past of which potential buyers may not be aware.

The home in Irvington, New York was the scene of a gruesome child murder in 1928. The perpetrator, Albert Fish, was apprehended in 1934 and police soon realized they had a particularly nefarious killer in their hands. In January 1936, Fish went to the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison in New York having been convicted of several heinous murders.

The story of what unfolded at the home known as Wisteria Cottage is a horrifying tale. By 1928, Fish had already killed several children. That year, the 58-year-old Albert Fish answered an advertisement in the newspaper from an 18-year-old man named Edward Budd who was looking for work out in the country. Fish visited the family’s New York City apartment with the intention of hiring Edward Budd, luring him to the country, and murdering him. Instead, Fish was taken with Edward’s little sister, the 10-year-old Grace Budd. The grandfatherly Fish had a change of heart and decided the young girl would be his next victim.

Fish convinced Grace Budd’s parents to allow him to take their young daughter to his niece’s birthday party that evening, but the “party” was just an excuse: Fish invented the story. The last time the Budd family saw Grace was when she left the apartment with the elderly gentleman.

Fish took Grace to Irvington, New York, to Wisteria Cottage. Fish knew the home was empty, and he brought Grace there so he would be unobserved committing his unspeakable acts upon her. Fish told Grace to wait outside, went into an upstairs bedroom, and undressed. He then called for her to join him in the house. Grace became upset when she saw the naked Fish and tried to run away, but Fish captured her and brutally strangled her to death. What Albert Fish did next shocked investigators and the public, once the details his grisly crimes became known. Fish dismembered Grace and, over the course of the next 9 days, ate her.

The Budd family waited an excruciating 6 years before they learned what happened to their daughter. Then, in November 1934, the family received a disturbing letter in which the writer described in graphic detail how Grace Budd was killed and eaten in June, 1928.

Police noticed the envelope used to mail the letter bore the initials “NYPCBA,” the New York Private Chauffeur’s Benevolent Association. The envelope eventually led the police to Albert Fish, and the killer was arrested at a rooming house. Officers searched the home in Irvington, and found Grace Budd’s skull and other parts of her skeleton buried beside a wall behind the home.

Albert Fish was convicted for his crimes and executed on January 16, 1936.

Wisteria Cottage may look elegant and spacious, but, all I can say is, buyer beware!

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This Million Dollar House for Sale Has an Extremely Dark
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